DHC-200 Hedge Trimmer

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ECHO’s DHC-200 is a lightweight, battery-powered hedge trimmer. It is ideal for anyone wanting a product that is easy-to-use, with low noise, low vibration, low running costs and zero emissions.
The 50V system, using the latest Lithium-ion technology, provides high-density energy, compared to traditional heavier, less powerful battery technology. A professional-grade maintenance-free brushless motor ensures long-lasting performance.
The Hedgetrimmer can use 2Ah battery is lightweight, or 4Ah & 16Ah batteries offers extended run-times. The rapid charger ensures the 2Ah battery is boosted to 80% capacity in just 24 minutes and the 4Ah in 48 minutes – meaning you experience less downtime.
Features include a 62cm double-side blade for extended reach and increased productivity. Its precision-cut blades ensure a clean cut whatever the angle. Variable speed control optimises performance and run time, while an ergonomic front handle design makes the product manoeuvrable and comfortable to use.


  • 50.4V Rated voltage
  • Up to 60 min Run Time (with 2Ah battery)
  • Double Cutter type
  • 624mm/24" Cutting length
  • 30mm Cutter pitch
  • Adjustable Cutter clearance
  • 3.3kg Dry weight
  • Body Only


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