50V professional battery series

50V Power for heavy duty performance


The ECHO 50V system , using the latest Lithium-ion technology, provides high-density energy, compared to traditional heavier less powerful battery technology.


Designed to meet your needs


The ECHO Battery Series suits any job, big or small. The 2Ah battery is lightweight and comfortable, while the 4Ah battery offers extended run-times, meaning it works as hard as you do. The high capacity backpack battery with extremely longer run-time allows you to work efficiently in tough conditions. The rapid charger ensures the 2Ah battery is boosted to 80% capacity in just 24 minutes, the 4Ah in 48 minutes and the 16Ah backpack battery in 225 minutes – meaning you experience less down time and can focus on the job in hand.



One Battery fits all


The 2Ah, 4Ah and 16Ah backpack batteries are compatible with the entire ECHO 50V Battery Series. This means that even if you own more than one of ECHO’s 50V Battery Series products, you only need to buy one battery – proving that one size really does fit all with ECHO.



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