LBP-560-900 Backpack battery

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ECHO’s 50V system, using the latest Lithium-ion technology, provides high-density energy, compared to traditional heavier less powerful battery technology.

The 50v 16Ah backpack battery is ideal for heavy-duty performance and long use. Using the rapid charger, the backpack battery is boosted to 80% capacity in just 225 minutes.

It includes a range of features to increase performance and enhance user comfort. These include an ergonomic harness and a deluxe padded hip belt.

The 50V power for heavy-duty performance with one battery that fits all.
With a more efficient and reliable motor with non-wear parts, no brush or commutator erosion.

All batteries come with a 2-year warranty


  • 50.4V Rated voltage
  • Li-ion Battery type
  • 787Wh Battery capacity
  • 9.4kg Weight