HC-1501 Hedge Trimmer

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The HC-1501 is a 21.2cc twin blade hedge cutter. It features laser-cut double reciprocating blades for long-lasting sharpness and has an effective cutting length of 499mm.
Lightweight and extremely well balanced, the HC-1501 is ideal for homeowners and light-use professionals.
A superior directional exhaust protects both the user and the hedge from hot exhaust gases, preventing scorching and discolouration of the foliage. A vertical fuel filler neck allows for easier refuelling.


  • 21.2cc Engine displacement
  • 0.58kW Output
  • 0.46 litres Fuel tank capacity
  • 0.40 L/h Fuel consumption at max engine power
  • ES-Start assist system
  • Double Cutter type
  • 499mm/20" Cutting length
  • 35mm Cutter pitch
  • Adjustable Cutter clearance
  • 4.9kg Weight


Certified for CE  

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