Get the most from your battery

Welcome to the world of Zero Emissions Echo products.

Echo produce an extensive range of battery powered products to suit all requirements. Like EV cars, battery products need different considerations compared to petrol powered products. Until you start using an EV car or battery product, you are not as aware of your fuel consumption, these hints will help you get the most out of your Echo battery products.

Δ Cut your grass regularly and cut to the same height each time.
Δ Mulching uses more power than collection.
Δ Cutting long heavy grass will use considerably more power.

Brush Cutters
Δ Use the recommended nylon line diameter for your machine and make sure the line trimming blade on the safety guard is working correctly

Δ Sharpen your chain with a file every time you charge the battery
Δ Chain shouldn’t be overtightened (energy wasted) or loose (safety problem).

General Battery
Δ The operational temperature of batteries is 0 to 40 degrees
Δ Keep your battery dry
Δ Charge your battery once it gets to the last bar
Δ Don’t store below 5 degrees
Δ Extend Battery life by storing them with 2 LED bars of charge. This is between 25-50% of charge
Δ Never use a damaged or leaking battery

If in doubt, always refer to the operators manual


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