A History built on Innovation

For over 70 years, ECHO has been designing and building high-performance, commercial quality products. From its beginnings in Japan with a simple hand-held crop duster, ECHO has grown to become a technological leader and well-respected global brand.

Over the years, power equipment brands have come and gone, but ECHO has thrived. Why? Primarily because of their commitment to quality and providing customers with the best products possible. All the ECHO engines are designed to the same standard – commercial grade.

Kyoritsu Noki Company Ltd. was founded on 8 September 1947 with the release of their first products, a revolutionary manual duster for pest control and a new power duster-fogger. From then, the company developed the first Kyoritsu brushcutter in 1960 and Chainsaws in 1971, followed by the release of curved shaft power Edger in 1990.

Over the years, ECHO has moved into new technologies, offering higher quality and performance.

The Essence of ECHO

World Class Technology and relentless commitment to quality.

ECHO prides itself on the use of the latest materials for strength and reduced weight. Computerised design and manufacturing of all ECHO products provides superior fit, finish and performance. Prototypes are field tested for months to assure they meet demanding criteria, and parts are continually measured to make sure there is no deviation. Assemblies are tested for fit and every engine is started and measured to make sure they perform from the first pull.

100% Professional Grade:

ECHO only builds equipment to one standard – professional. Products are manufactured to suit the environment in which they will be used and the job they will be doing. All products are tested in punishing conditions to ensure that they are capable of whatever you demand from them.

Japan Technology:

Japan is the home of technological craftsmanship and the nation has won international respect for its manufacturing expertise. This global standard also extends to the equipment manufactured by ECHO and they pride themselves on being counted among the companies that help Japan maintain its reputation for the quality of its engineering and technology.