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The ECHO SRM-265U is a U handle trimmer that's designed for commercial application. Featuring a professional grade 25.4cc engine alongside anti-vibration and easy starting, it's powerful and effortless to use.

Professional grade Japanese engine.
The ECHO 25.4cc engine at the heart of the SRM-265U is the result of decades of innovation, meaning you get high power, low noise, low emissions and years of dependability.

ECHO trimmer heads and nylon line are renowned for their superior quality. From our super-fast loading Speed Feed 400 head to Black Diamond trimmer line, you can find the perfect combo to power through your workload.


  • 5.3kg Dry Weight
  • 0.9kW Output
  • F4 M10 Standardised Nylon Head
  • 1.36 Gear reduction ratio
  • 0.500 Litres Fuel tank capacity
  • Solid shaft Driveshaft type
  • 25.4cc Engine displacement
  • 0.60 L/h Fuel Consumption At Maximum Engine Power
  • Diaphragm Carburettor
  • 1.2p.s Output
  • 25.0mm Main pipe diameter
  • 7.0mm Drive shaft diameter
  • 5.0 / 3.5 m/s2 Vibration L/R
  • Nylon head


CE  Digital Controlled CDILoop handle

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